Woman Uses Extreme Couponing To Help Hurricane Victims

Kimberly Gager is not just a single mother of three children – she is also using her shopping addiction to help hurricane evacuees.

Gager has donated over $8,000 worth of toiletries and hygienic supplies to dozens of relief efforts and families. The 39-year-old says that she used her extreme couponing skills to whittle the prices down on deodorant, toothbrushes, shampoo, razors, baby wipes, diapers, and detergent to about $4,000.  Gager has reportedly been hoarding most of the supplies in her garage since October, but she has never had a real use for all of it. She would occasionally send boxes of supplies to universities and charities, but now, she is making supply deliveries to affected families in Texas and Florida from her home in San Antonio.  An Army veteran and government employee, Gager has been raising money for the supplies through her personal Paypal page – and she does not plan on stopping until she runs out of money.  “As long as the donations keep coming, I’ll keep buying,” Gager wrote on Facebook. “Target and Walgreens have been EXCEPTIONAL and very patient with me!”  Gager says that she plans on teaching a class on extreme couponing once she is less occupied with deliveries and hurricane relief. There is now an update to this story… Kimberly has been given a free new car! Read the whole story by clicking here.