Work Like a Dog!

o Today is WORK LIKE A DOG DAY, a day to celebrate your success.  ***MARLAR: If you think about it, how do you “work like a dog?”  You eat whenever you want, you sleep as long as you want, play whenever you want, chew on whatever you want, and get lots of attention just by wagging your tail.  Where on earth is that considered WORK?

o Today is NATIONAL FAILURES DAY.  ***MARLAR: Now that’s interesting… while today is Work Like a Dog Day – to celebrate your success, today is also National Failures Day.  Of course, in order to be a success, you can’t be a failure – and if you’re going to celebrate National Failures Day, you’d have to do it in a way that’s unsuccessful.

o Today is NATIONAL WAFFLE DAY.  ***MARLAR: A big day in Washington D.C.

o NATIONAL CHIGGER WEEK begins today. ***MARLAR: Most of us will be celebrating with Chigger-Rid.  You’re more likely to be chigger-chewed this week than any other week of the year.  Primarily because A) there are more chiggers than any other time of the year, and B) humans taste of chicken.

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