Wow, God Works FAST.

As you likely already know, earlier today I sent out the email and posted to Facebook the fact that I was cancelling my radio show due to lack of progress in getting affiliates – and my intent was to take my newfound time and concentrate on my stand-up comedy career and acting.

Six minutes ago I received an email from the director of a new TV show sitcom pilot we filmed two weeks ago in Chicago called “The Tell It Alls”.  He just told me, “The ‘Tell It Alls’ got picked up for national distribution. Get ready to work.”

Yep.  I’m going to be a supporting character on a new sitcom on national television.  I’m just praising God right now, having a hard time not running upstairs to wake up my wife to tell her the good news.  I cancelled my radio show because I felt it’s what God wanted me to do – and less than twelve hours later He tosses this in my lap.


Details on the TV show will come later.  If you want to follow me you can do so via my website or on Facebook at  Just keep me in your prayers, folks… and God bless.

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