You Can Blame Your Lack Of Job Promotion On Your Tattoo

Image result for no tattoos allowedYou may come in early, leave late and never miss a deadline, so why aren’t you getting that promotion for which you have worked so hard? Blame it on your tattoo. Physical appearance can actually hurt your career advancement prospects, according to a survey of hiring and human resource managers across industries and company sizes. A surprising 27 percent of employers said a visible tattoo could nix a promotion — no matter how much it was warranted. And it’s not just a tattoo that can put the kibosh on your ability to climb the corporate ladder. When asked which aspects of a worker’s physical appearance would make them less likely to promote that person, employers said:

  1. Provocative attire: 44 percent
  2. Wrinkled clothing or a shabby appearance: 43 percent
  3. Piercings outside of traditional ear piercings: 32 percent
  4. Attire that is too casual for the workplace: 27 percent
  5. Visible tattoos: 27 percent
  6. An unprofessional or ostentatious haircut: 25 percent
  7. Unprofessional or ostentatious facial hair: 24 percent
  8. Bad breath: 23 percent
  9. Heavy perfume or cologne: 21 percent
  10. Too much makeup: 15 percent

“In addition to on-the-job accomplishments, employers also take attitude, behavior and appearance into consideration when deciding who deserves to move up in the ranks,” said Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer at CareerBuilder. “While your work performance may be strong, if you’re not presenting yourself in a professional manner, it may be preventing your superiors from taking you seriously.”