You Too!

“Have a nice day!” (Yeah, you too!)

That’s the verbal exchange we’re all used to. Someone wishes us well, and we automatically respond in kind. This conversation for most of us occurs daily. Someone we know will say, “have a nice day,” or perhaps, “have a great weekend” and immediately we respond energetically with, “you too!” It’s a courtesy to show (however surface it may be) that we care.

But do we care all that much? If so, wouldn’t we think before responding? How often have we been caught replying “you too” to a statement that is inappropriate to such a response?

“And $5.89 is your change, sir. Thanks, and enjoy your dinner.” (You too!)

Don’t tell me you’ve never done it. We all have… and there’s no way to fix it. You look like a moron, and all you can do is bow your head low and hope the girl behind the counter was paying the same amount of attention to the conversation as you were.

“And I hope you enjoy your stay here at the Comfort Suites.” (Thanks, you too!)

Does the guy working the front desk stay the night whenever he’s working at the hotel? Doubtful. And now you’re inclined for the rest of your hotel stay to look around every single corner before continuing on just to avoid eye contact with this guy who undoubtedly now things you’re a complete idiot.

Remember when you visited friends a couple of months ago for that party? “Thanks for stopping by – drive home safely!” (You too!)

The party was at their own house… not much of a drive. What must they be thinking of you now as you walk down the concrete steps towards your car? “Gee, do you think we added too much rum to the cake recipe, Dear?”

My bride and I don’t have children, but we do have parents – so on Father’s Day I called my dad (collect, of course – that’s the tradition) and we talked about life in general for a few minutes. At the end of the conversation I said, “Happy Fathers Day, Dad.”

“You too, Son.” (Click.)

It happens to all of us. Either that, or my father has inside information that my wife needs to share with me about how I’ll be celebrating next year’s Father’s Day…

***Darren Marlar is standup comedian, and a Christian.   Check out his website for his blog, comedy clips, videos, and more.  He also welcomes your comments. ***

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