Hire a Professional Voice Actor with Experience!

Darren Marlar of Marlar House is a professional full-time voice over artist, humorist, and ultra-plus-sized male underwear model with over 25 years of experience in narration.

Since 1990, Darren Marlar has been providing quality audio recordings to clients around the world. He has voiced thousands of audiobooks, radio commercials, TV spots, movie trailers, videos, podcasts, corporate presentations, phone prompts, and more! He does all this with his trademark humor, an upbeat attitude, and friendly customer service. Find demos here.

He’s also the host of the Darren Marlar Radio Show, Daily Dose of Weird News, and Weird Darkness. Join him for strange news, fun facts, life hacks, ghost stories and more!

Featured Services

Whiteboard / Explainer Video Narration

Informative whiteboard videos and explainer videos are a valuable tool for businesses. To get your point across as effectively as possible, a top-of-the-line professional voice artist is a must. When you work with Darren, you can make any video both compelling and convincing!

YouTube Video Voice Over

Whether you’re creating videos for marketing, education, instruction, or entertainment, it pays to have an experienced voice behind the video. Over the years, Darren Marlar has been the voice of several YouTube channels and shows, including a few of his own.

Movie Trailer Narrator

Every film needs promos and trailers, and an excellent movie trailer narrator can draw people into the story long before the movie hits the theaters. If you’re looking to hire a male voice actor to promote an upcoming film, Darren is the movie trailer guy for you!


Find the Best Narrator for Your Book

You’ve poured time and effort into writing a book. Now, you want to open it up to a bigger audience by creating an audiobook version. More people are listening to audiobooks, and it’s a great way for people to multi-task and “read” while they’re in the car, at the gym, on a walk, or cleaning the house.

When you’re looking for a voice artist to narrate your audiobook, you’ll want someone who:

  1. Is easy to communicate with and who works to understand your unique requests
  2. Uses professional, high-quality recording equipment
  3. Has experience in the audio recording industry
  4. Has a voice that suits your writing style

Darren Marlar fits the first three criteria. The fourth is up to you to decide. Click here to get the full list of audiobooks narrated by Darren and listen to free samples on Amazon.com!

Audiobooks Narrated by Darren Marlar

One of Darren’s specialties is bringing characters to life through audiobooks. He has worked with authors in many genres (everything from horror to autobiographies to children’s fiction!) always providing a high-quality audio recording and bringing the story to life with his voice.

Notable Clients

Throughout the years, Darren has worked with a multitude of clients, including the following big names:

  • American Family Insurance
  • AAA
  • Pizza Hut
  • Dell
  • The History Channel
  • Denny’s
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Culver’s
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • Mobil
  • Hyundai
  • Valvoline
  • General Mills

And many more!