Darren Marlar is a professional actor, voice artist, humorist, radio personality, and ultra-plus-sized male underwear model.  (Okay, maybe not that last one.)

As a voice over professional, Darren has used his vocal abilities to bring a wide and amazing variety of characters to life for radio programs, films, audio theater, web projects and audio books.  He has done a considerable amount of corporate voicework for white board sales and marketing videos, Power Point presentations, church narration, telephone answering systems, instructional videos, etc.  Darren has also voiced thousands of radio commercials over the past twenty-five years, has done TV voice overs, and has been used as the signature voice for many radio stations, podcasts, and has even voiced movie trailers.

Darren is the creator and host of "Daily Dose of Weird News", as well as the host of "Creation Moments Minute" - both heard in numerous radio markets, online stations, iTunes and more, and he has written radio comedy for over 1,000 radio personalities over the years.

Darren (the actor) can be seen in a variety of film and TV projects - both comedic as well as dramatic.  View his growing body of work on IMDB.com or click on the resume & reels link on this website.

Darren (the comedian) has performed in front of thousands of people at hundreds of events, from small private parties to giant auditoriums, and even sports arenas, and his clients are always happy with his clean comedy that is both fun for the entire family and appropriate for corporate events.